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Personalised sessions to help you

This morning Sam came in with pain in his shoulder. He described it as an 8/10. He had done some training on his own at the weekend and overstrained his shoulders. So, while the other members of the session were doing their opening squats and push ups, we got Sam to lie down on the foam roller to stretch out his chest and give his shoulder some relief.

Chin ups were also in the plan for the morning, but we swapped these out and put in reverse rows instead, to stop him bringing his arms overhead in a potentially dangerous position for an already tight and sore shoulder. These changes meant that he could still get an amazing workout, whilst improving his body for the long term.

There is no substitute for personal training, we adjust and personalise everything to you as necessary so that you get the best results possible.

Who doesn't want to be pain free, move better, and be stronger?

To learn how to release your tight chest doing what Sam did on the foam roller, check out our instructional youtube videos -

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