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the difference between sports massage and 'Relaxing' massage

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Massage and the practice of massage covers a wide scope, and for this reason it is important to know what kind of massages are on offer, what their benefits are, and why you might want one.

Check out the table below which explains the important differences.

Sports massage is useful for everyone, whether you are an elite athlete, train a couple of times a week, or are hunched over a computer all day. Our lifestyle causes our muscles to tighten up, our posture worsens, and we become fixed in these new, less upright positions.

The most well known sports massage technique is known as Active Release Tension, (A.R.T.) whereby a practictioner will use their hands to feel for any abnormalitise and tension held in a muscle, and work on it appropriately. Symptoms of damaged muscle tissue include tightening, shortening and inhibited movement of the muscle. This can result in other supporting muscles being over or underactive, tight, or painful. A loss of mobility, pain, poor biomechanics and restricted ranges of motion can all be treated effectively with A.R.T. techniques during a sports massage.

The techniques used in sports massage are recognised worldwide, if you've never had one before, make sure you give it a try - you will wonder why you have been missing out!

We are proud to offer expert sports massage at The Active Lifestyle, it is a fantastic addition to anyone's weekly routine offering a myriad of health and performance benefits - to find out more and book in head over to our Professional Sports Massage page.

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