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Don't be scared of lifting weights

Are you scared about lifting weights? Worried about hurting yourself? Frustrated because you see all these already fit people doing it and you don't know where to start?

Everyone feels this way when they first step into a training area. Wherever you are, it can be an intimidating place. What's different about us is that we help you. We teach you, empower you, and support you, so that you can feel safe, progress, and enjoy what you do.

Of course, as with anything, there is a risk - but using the correct technique, paying attention to what you are doing, and working on continual improvement minimises any injury risks. The benefits; increased bone density, better mobility, flexibility, posture and removal of pain are well worth it. And that's just on the physical side - mentally you will feel better too, feel more energised, happy and be able to get more done with your day!

Our Raise The Bar sessions are focused on lifting weights, in a functional and safe way, to get you the results you want, without an ominous risk hanging over you. Trust us to look after you, it's what we do!

The most important thing is your technique, and we work on that every single time we see you. You can never do too much technique work!

If you want to know more, reply here or drop us a private message.

We run sessions from The Active Lifestyle Personal Training Studio in Mt Eden, Auckland -we are close to Newton, Kingsland and Epsom and have car parking on site so you really have nothing to worry about!

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