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100kg deadlifts from A

Updated: Jul 6, 2018


Awesome work from A in his deadlifts this morning.

He is 60+, had never done any weight training before, and now can comfortably deadlift 100kgs for reps with good form. But how has this benefitted him?

He can play with his grandkids, get up and down off the floor easier, garden with no pain, and most importantly, stand taller, golf better, and enjoy life more.

We've hovered around the 100kg - 120kg mark for a while now as we've worked on his posture, injuries and reducing pain. 

Now he can easily move this kind of weight for a lot of reps, and perform some awesome squats immediately after!

Training efficiency is hugely important - we know you're with us for a very short portion of your week, so it's important to maximise the time you spend training. Everything we programme is designed to get you results and improve your performance.

If you have any questions we'd love to help you! Drop us a note and say hello!

Andrew on the foam roller

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