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What are the benefits of shakti Mat?

This year we have seen a surge in demand for the Shakti Mat in Auckland, an acupressure mat that lets you experience benefits similar to acupuncture in the comfort of your own home. Coming in green or orange (or now black) the Shakti Mat is labelled as 'your personal masseuse'. It improves circulation and bloodflow, relieves tension headaches and tight muscles, and can help you recover from injury and muscle soreness. (Our personal training studio is located in Mt Eden, Auckland).

How Can the Shakti Mat benefit me?

It helps to improve bloodflow and circulation resulting in:

- less muscle soreness and pain - faster healing of muscle injuries - improved relaxation - improved sleep - recovery from headaches - relaxation of tense muscles - can help with meditation practices - overall improvement in well-being

How do you use Shakti Mat?

Lie the Shakti Mat down on the floor or bed. Sit down at the end of the Shakti Mat, and lie down on your back so that the mat is in contact with your upper back area. If you are worried about the pain, start in clothes so you can get a feel for it. Lie for 10/15 minutes as your muscles relax and bloodflow increases!

As it is a mat, it can be use to target different areas of the body depending on where you place it. This gives it great flexibility and allows you to target pretty much wherever you like! We have found it to be most beneficial for clients with upper and lower back pain, tight glutes and hamstrings, and also with particular issues around their knees. I even know some people that use it on their face for the relaxation properties!

The best way we have found of 'zoning' in and focusing on an area you want to target is to put a pillow under the mat, as it raises it up so that the pressure is more prominent on those areas. Doing this and then relaxing on the Shakti Mat is perfect when targeting your upper or lower back, glutes and hamstrings, or neck and shoulders.


Where Can I Buy Shakti Mat in Auckland?

The Active Lifestyle is an official stockist of the original Shakti Mat. We are located at 40 Mt Eden Road, Auckland but as we are a private training studio please text or cal 021 268 9271 so that we can arrange a time to meet you there!

Check out our Youtube Videos below to teach you how to use your Shakti Mat effectively!

We hope that helps you! Reach out if you have any questions :)

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