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Two tips to improve how you feel, instantly

The two most important tips we cannot repeat enough, that so many people don't adhere to, are simple - Drink more water, and eat more protein.

You've heard of both of these tips before - but perhaps they will ring more true if we tell you some of the research behind them, and give you some actual numbers to work with.

1. Drink More Water. Nutritionists use the following formula to work out exactly how much water a person should be drinking - peep it below - are YOU getting enough? Make an effort to hit your number, every day. You will feel better for it, and you'll get other benefits too, like improved skin and more energy!

Bodyweight * 0.033

So for a 61kg person - 61 * 0.0033 = 2.013 litres per day.

Fill up a big bottle of water, carry it around with you, and force yourself to drink more! Because your body is fabulous thing, as you get accustomed to drinking more, you will actually be able to drink more water more easily. Magic!

2. Eat More Protein. Consuming more protein on a daily basis will do wonders for your body composition and overall health. You will feel more energetic, less sluggish, and research shows that the optimum level of protein consumption for resistance training individuals is 1.6g of protein per 1kg of bodyweight. (PMID: 28698222). The rest of your calorific intake is up to you, here at The Active Lifestyle we prefer limiting carbohydrates, simply because it is SO easy to over eat on rice, potatoes and pasta!

Bodyweight in kgs * 1.6

So for a 61kg person - 61 * 1.6 = 97.6 grams of protein per day.

These two top tips cannot be repeated enough!

Share this with a friend and remind them why doing the basics right is so important!


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