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The knee exercise you should be doing

The Terminal Knee Extension is a great exercise for those of you looking to keep your knees healthy.

The aim of the Terminal Knee Extension is to really fire your quadriceps muscle and make sure that it is activated and ready to do stuff! The hamstrings also fire to help movement of the knee joint. Performing 15-20 on each leg is perfect. I use it in my warm ups as prehabilitation whenever I train, especially on lower body days.

It can really help to remove knee pain by strengthening all the muscles involved in extending the leg and alleviating pressure around the knee joint. Watch the video below to learn exactly how you should be doing it for maximum benefit.

Those of you who have undergone knee surgery or sustained physical trauma in the legs (ACL or knee replacements etc) will have likely used the terminal knee extension to help with straightening the legs and restoring knee function.

Let us know how you get on, comments are always welcome!




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