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Simple tips to help you eat better for life

Tips to eat better for life and get to your goals!

Here at The Active Lifestyle we're all about self improvement in all aspects - and even if the progress is incremental, it helps move us towards our goals - in training, eating and life. And sometimes, the simplest tips are the best ones. Implement all of these, and you will be well on your way to improving how you eat in terms of eating for a better body and better health.

- Make more food than you need to.

ALWAYS make more food than you need to. There is simply no reason not to, IF you have the discipline to follow the next tip.

- Take a portion of food out BEFORE you start eating.

Congratulations, you have just meal prepped. One meal you can eat at a later date without having to prepare is however many minutes saved which you can put towards doing other things. It's a small win, but a win nonetheless. It also stops you EATING so much the first time around.

- Build your meals around a protein source.

Whatever that meal is, and whatever that protein is, think of it before you start to prepare your meal. This way you know you will be getting adequate protein in your meal, and it will stop you gravitating to meals that are 'carbs on carbs' or worse, grabbing UberEats or not eating at all.

Give us a shout if you have any questions!


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