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Being 'In the moment'

There are many ways to be 'in the moment' but the most important one is to start by removing distractions.. Read on to learn more.

Get into nature. Do something you love. Find hobbies that excite you. And remember that everything on social media is 'posed'.


If you follow you will know that we always try and put out helpful, useful content. Most people do, and Instagram is a great place to learn, explore your interests, and enjoy. But never forget, that all (yes ALL) of these things you see are posed.

Imagine if you will, that you are truly 'in the moment'. Take a big deep breath, inhale slowly, and exhale slowly. Now take another, and while breathing slowly, think about a place you love and hold dear to your heart. Imagine you are there as you breathe, and take it in - take in the sights, the smells, the sounds. Instagram is a visual representation of this - but you're not actually there. And chances are, neither are they. (They probably were at some point yes). But what you see is not them enjoying the moment. What you see is them POSTING a photo or video of them 'pretending' to enjoy the moment. You can't enjoy the moment whilst recording a video to go on instagram that is supposed to show you enjoying the moment.

When I'm truly enjoying something - I'm not worried about where my phone is. I, (like everyone else) have to set up these shots. That's not being 'in the moment'.


And with this great advice of things to do, these ideas often require the openness to take them in, and require knowing yourself first. It's all too easy to 'pass the time' nowadays, but these ideas are much better than better than scrolling social media aimlessly).

Yes it's great to walk in nature, but it's not much use if you keep your head down and look at your phone the whole time.

Yes it's great to have hobbies, but what if you're only doing them so you can post things on social media.

I know it's not like that for a lot of things, but it bears keeping in mind.

In a world where we are literally more connected to everything than ever before, we are also more alone than ever. Take the time to connect with yourself as much as you can. It helps your soul. Let me know your thoughts below - where are your favourite places to lose yourself?



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