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60 Secs to Loose hips, groin, & back with our quick Yoga Flow.

Spend the best 60 seconds of your day with us and be rewarded with looser hips, groin, and back as a result! Watch the video below and follow along with our 60 second Yoga Mobility Flow, and learn how to care for your body for the long term with The Active Lifestyle.

Here, James from The Active Lifestyle shows you a powerful and simple combination of stretches that you can perform anywhere with no equipment at all. If you suffer from tight hips, groin, and upper and lower back, this Yoga flow could potentially change your life!

This quick sequence of stretches is so easy to do, and so fast, but contains some really important hip and groin openers to give you almost instant relief! It's perfect for lockdown and you can get your whole family to try it too!

Give it a try and let us know what you think - if it works for you, make sure you share it with a friend so they can enjoy being looser and moving better too! And considering it only takes 60 seconds of your day, what have you got to lose?

Stay safe,


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