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5 Things I Now Realise about Meditation

5 Things I Now Realise about Meditation

(And Why it is Useful for Me).

I have been working on my 'self' and 'mind' for seemingly a couple of years now. As with anything, the more you delve into a topic and the more you learn and practice it, you quickly realise that your knowledge barely touches the tip of the iceberg and there are chasms that you have to learn more about or act on.

This will make more sense when you consider this useful image.

And now consider that it applies to just about EVERYTHING in your life.

We start at a stage of Unconscious incompetence, and with time, learning and eventually mastery, you move to Unconscious competence.

So here are The 5 Most Poignant Things I have learnt about Meditiation:

- Meditation covers every aspect of your awareness, consciousness and mind - it is not limited to 'breathing techniques' or 'trying to think about nothing' - it can be ANYTHING you want it to be.

- Self Awareness is an exciting and important part of your journey, as you can then observe and note how you respond, think, act and feel according to certain things. Being aware of these things can help give you focus on what to work on.

- Your thoughts are effectively pre-determined based on your experiences and outlook - you cannot begin to change your thoughts until you are aware that you are 'pre programmed' to think and act in a certain way. And with that, you can start to retrain your brain.

- Meditation is ultimately about giving you back your CONTROL. Do you control your mind and body, or does your mind and body control you? Think about that for a second.

- As mentioned repeatedly, meditation is a skill, and therefore, the more you practice and work on improving your skill, the easier you will find it. Intent is everything. All of you that hear the word 'meditation' and cry "oh no, there's no way I can do that!". Guess what - you're exactly right.

Yoga meditation
James wishes he could sit calmly like this

If you have any questions, ask away! I'll try to help. If this was useful for you- share it! If you want to hear more about my personal journey, follow @TheAestheticPowerlifter on Instagram.


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