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With you every step of the WAY 
Meet our team 

Body Transformation, Strength & Rehab Specialist


Qualified Yoga Teacher & Rehab Specialist


Qualified Massage Therapist


Qualified Nutritionist

I had previously hurt my lower back which is common as a builder. I needed training to increase my strength to be able to do my job but I was really nervous about beginning physical training as I didn’t want to hurt myself more. From my first session at The Active Lifestyle I had confidence that Amber and James knew what they were doing and that with their help they could push my training to achieve my goals without worrying about hurting myself again.

Rachel Jury


These guys offer the whole package - physical, mental and emotional motivation from all sides! No matter your level, you’re always comfortable around others and not intimidated by those who are more fit. Reasonable, realistic and relateable. Something we all need from our personal trainers!

At 58 and after two major operations, new back and new hip, I have the most wonderful personal trainer Amber at Active Lifestyle who is getting me to do more things than I ever thought possible. Stairs the bain of my life are no longer to be feared, I can keep up in our sessions and like yesterday do something I couldn't do before. It's like I have started a new life in 2016, it shows you don't have to be a 20 something fitness guru to improve your health and fitness.

We exist to make you the best version of you.

We provide exceptional quality personal training where every session is coached by a fully qualified world class trainer and everything is personalised to YOU, all from our private training studio in Mt Eden, Auckland.

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