Hi, we're The Active Lifestyle.

we help you become the best version of you

Do you suffer from pain, a lack of mobility, old injuries?

Do you wish you had more energy, better sleep, and a more positive outlook?

This is exactly what we do.


  • Exercise in the most efficient way possible?

  • Know you can keep up with your kids?

  • Be rid of aches, pains, and old injuries?

  • Sleep better and improve your energy levels?

  • Be stronger, fitter, and healthier?

  • Be part of a great supportive atmosphere?

  • Improve your posture and flexibility?

  • Have expert accountability and guidance?

An award winning business, we provide exceptional quality personal training where every session is coached by a fully qualified world class trainer and everything is personalised to YOU, all from our private training studio in Mt Eden, Auckland.

Training Packages

Just Train

The simplest option for those of you who want expert Personal Training.

Choose between
- 2x small group personal training sessions or
- Unlimited small group personal training sessions a week.

Get in touch and see how we can help you!

21 Day Kickstart

Our ultimate starter package, this will help you hit the ground running, no matter your history or training experience.

Choose between

-2x small group personal training sessions Or
unlimited small group personal training sessions a week.

- 1:1 consultation with our in-house Registered Nutritionist.

- Your own nutrition plan customised to your goals.

- Educational Workshops for strength training, meditation, mindset and more to improve your skills hosted by world class coaches.

- A Facebook support group to keep you accountable and celebrate your wins.

- 24/7 email support so that you can have you questions answered outside of training sessions.

Get in touch and see how we can help you!


Train with the best


Body Transformation, Strength & Rehab Specialist


Martial arts, drum & bass music, and powerlifting



BSc Degree from Loughborough University (UK)

260kg Deadlift @ 88.3 kgs bodyweight

International Training Experience: UK, South Africa, New Zealand, & Kuwait


Strength Training & Handstand Specialist


Training, Handstands, Animal Flow


IPL Under 52kg Raw Female World Champion 2017

Current UPANZ Under 52kg Raw Squat, Bench and Deadlift record holder. (135kgs @ under 56kgs bodyweight.)


Massage Specialist


Surfing, personal development and travelling


Degree in Physiotherapy from University of Bolonga (Italy).

Qualified Well-Being Coach


Sports, Strength and Joint Mobility Specialist


Training outside, football, and travelling!



Physical coach for Spanish football clubs.

Physical coach for Spanish police department

Physical Education Teacher


Registered Clinical Nutritionist


Plants, cooking, writing, music, gut health and all thing science.


Diploma in Nutritional Science from The Naturopathic College of New Zealand.

Qualified Personal Trainer. 

Specialist training in digestive conditions.


Are you ready to experience the ACTIVE LIFESTYLE difference?

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40 Mt Eden Road, Auckland

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Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 5:30am - 8:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am - 12:00pm

Strictly by appointment only

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oUR Session Types


Strength focused, HIIT Training

Raise The Bar, along with your personal expectations. This strength focused, functional training session will have you:

  • building strength

  • increasing range of movement

  • stimulating your metabolism

  • increase your fitness

Most aches and pains can be reduced by being stronger and improving your movement patterns and coordination. Under our expert tuition you will be squatting, bench pressing and lunging like an athlete. You'll feel empowered and ready to take on the world!

One on One Private Coaching

To help you achieve your goals


Vinyasa Flow

Truly Unique Yoga. Have you ever done a Yoga session tailored specifcially FOR YOU? We adapt our practice to suit the energy of the day and work on your tight spots, wherever they may be. Our teachers will help you to perfect your form, adjust you when necessary, and help you improve: 

  • mindfulness

  • flexibility

  • strength

Yoga with us will calm your body and your mind and leave you ready for the next challenge.

All of our personal trainers and coaches are fully qualified, have a vast wealth of experience and would love to help you one on one to get you to your goals as quickly as possible.

Get stronger, lose weight, burn body fat, improve your technique, and improve your sports performance. We are EXPERTS at what we do.



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