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Private PErsonal Training Studio in Mt Eden
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Training at the active lifestyle



Everything we do is personalised to you and your goals.

We offer Small Group Personal Training (sessions limited to 6 people) or 1-1 Private Personal Training that can be undertaken in person at our PRIVATE studio or at home via VIDEO LINK Training.

We are taking continuous precautions while this pandemic is in place, with disinfectant sanitisation happening after every training session.

Strength training

- Think would be cool to lift weights but have no idea where to start and want to be safe?

- Scared of lifting and unsure of the form and technique needed to lift?

This strength based session, led by James, focuses on lifting weights safely  to improve your muscle strength, tone, range of movement and leave you feeling empowered and extraordinary!

Raise The Bar(bell)

BodyFat Burning

Kickboxing Cardio



Kickboxing Cardio is our cardio killer, body fat burning focused session centered around functional, HIIT, kickboxing based moves and drills!


Led by Sergio or Dion, this session focuses on getting your heart rate pumping using kettlebells, battle ropes, bands and more to improve your agility, speed, power and burn body fat!

mobility & flexibility

vinyasa flow yoga

- Truly Unique Yoga. -


Have you ever done a Yoga session tailored specifcially FOR YOU?

We adapt our practice to suit the energy of the day and work on your tight spots, wherever they may be. With hands on adjustments, we continually work to help you improve your-

  • mindfulness

  • flexibility

  • strength

- KICK, PUNCH and KNEE Your Way to Health -


If you wanted to train like a fighter to get in shape, but don't want to get punched in the face, this is the session for you!

Partner up with Kickboxing Pads and with our expert instruction you'll be training like a real fighter, without any of the dangers!

Led by James or Dion, both have fight experience and many years of training. (James has trained and fought in Thailand).

Kick Boxing training

partner padwork

Train with the best


Body Transformation, Strength & Rehab Specialist


Martial arts, drum & bass music, and powerlifting



BSc Degree from Loughborough University (UK)

260kg Deadlift @ 88.3 kgs bodyweight

International Training Experience: UK, South Africa, New Zealand, & Kuwait


Strength Training & Handstand Specialist


Training, Handstands, Animal Flow


IPL Under 52kg Raw Female World Champion 2017

Current UPANZ Under 52kg Raw Squat, Bench and Deadlift record holder. (135kgs @ under 56kgs bodyweight.)


Sports, Strength and Joint Mobility Specialist


Training outside, football, and travelling!



Physical coach for Spanish football clubs.

Physical coach for Spanish police department

Physical Education Teacher


Registered Clinical Nutritionist


Plants, cooking, writing, music, gut health and all thing science.


Diploma in Nutritional Science from The Naturopathic College of New Zealand.

Qualified Personal Trainer. 

Specialist training in digestive conditions.


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40 Mt Eden Road, Auckland

Onsite parking, across from the Mt Eden Train Station

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Monday to Friday: 5:30am - 8:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am - 12:00pm

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