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The Active Lifestyle POwerlifting

- super sunday super total event

- Dec 16 2018


The first event for us is the East Auckland Crossfit Super Sunday Super Total! This is a social level event, suitable for ALL lifters regardless of experience level. If you can or are considering eventually competing, we highly urge that you do this competition - it is very low cost, requires no formal registration, and will be a completely relaxed environment so you can get a feel for how we do things. There are no weight classes, just WILKS ratings. Also a great chance to meet others from NZ Powerlifting and get your learning on. Attendees include Carli Dillon, NZ's best female lifter, Jade Isbister, Bronze Junior at the Oceana Champs, and Julianne, going for the Masters NZ total records in 2019.

(Super total means 5 lift event, 3 powerlifts - squat bench deadlift + 2 olympic lifts). You can enter as many lifts as you like. Full details below this form.

Join us Sunday 16th of December.
Entry Forms in by  Friday 7th December

Individual Entry Form:

Mt Eden


Thank for entering! It's going to be a great event.

Please read and agree to the terms of this competition prior to completing and sending through this entry form: I agree not to hold the competition organisers, members of staff or The Active Lifestyle Ltd responsible for any injury or event that may occur due to my voluntary participation in this competition. I agree to train, eat, sleep and hydrate appprioriately for optimal health and performance and to support my team and club mates on the day. I agree to pay my entry fee upon recipt of an invoice provided to me. *

Date: Sunday 16th December
Location: 163A Marua Road, Ellerslie

Olympic lifting Weigh in: 8am
Olympic Lifting Start Time: 9am
(Subject to change pending entries)

Powerlifting Weigh in: 10am
Powerlifting Start Time: 12pm
(Subject to change pending entries)

Lifting to OWNZ and NZPF standards

Lifters may enter as few as 1 or as many as all 5 events

Athletes who enter BOTH Olympic lifting events qualify for an olympic lifting total

Athletes who enter ALL 3 Powerlifting events qualify for a Powerlifting Total 

Athletes who enter ALL 5 events qualify for a Super Total

Entry Fee:
1 lift = $20
2 lifts = $25
3-5 lifts = $30

Placings for Olympic lifting and Powerlifting will be determined by Sinclair Score and Wilks across ALL weight classes for EACH age grade

Any athletes who complete all 5 lifts qualify for our Super Total BEST LIFTER Trophy.

Any athlete can nominate ONE of their lifts to their TEAM. This MUST be done in advance via entry form (or notify us prior to the competition if there has been a change). 


All teams MUST include at least one:
Sub-junior or Junior or Masters Lifter 
One NEW lifter who has never competed before

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