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- New Year Challenge -


Starting Monday 27th January 2020


We are proud to bring you our 8 Week Summer Shred Challenge, which will have you getting stronger, losing weight and body fat, and get you looking your best EVER for summer!

We know what it takes to get you to where you want to be - a combination of carefully programmed strength training to help you be stronger and leaner, a one on one consultation and meal plan to follow from one of New Zealand's leading nutritionists (@TheGutHealthNutritionist) and a seminar from NZ powerlifter and nutritionist who has truly talked the talk and walked the walk; current New Zealand Masters Powerlifter Julianne Taylor. (@julianne.taylor) (Who at the time of writing holds the New Zealand Squat record for her class.)

In 8 Weeks You Will:

- Improve your strength levels and get stronger all over, especially in the powerlifts - squat, bench and deadlift.

- Change your body more than you ever thought possible -
burn body fat and lose weight to get ready for Summer and most importantly, feel good in your own skin!

- Receive all the motivational and accountability support you need to make more changes in 8 weeks than you EVER have before.

- Feel empowered and know you are learning from the best with our seminar and workshop schedule.

What do you get?

A New Squat, Bench and Deadlift Max Lift!

- 2x Shared Training Sessions /week (TAL members receive training sessions in addition to their weekly schedule.)

- 1x Private Personal Training Session /week (TAL members receive a PT session in addition to their weekly schedule.)

- Body Composition Measurements and Photos

- One to One Nutritional Consult and Personalised Meal Plan from @TheGutHealthNutritionist

- Strength Training Baseline setting and analysis

- Private Facebook group to support and guide you

- 1x kg 'Active', high quality Whey Isolate Protein supplement

- 10% off healthy food and drink at local Mt Eden cafes Eden Espresso and iPress Juices.

- Prizes on offer for the best trainees including massages, personal training sessions, supplements and more!

Seminars and Workshops:

- Strength Training and Eating for Progress Seminar by Julianne Taylor, NZ Masters Powerlifter (@julianne.taylor)

- Lifting Analysis Workshop for the 'Big 3- Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press' with James Schofield (@theaestheticpowerlifter)

- One on One Nutrition Consultation & Personalised Meal Plan with qualified nutritionist Chrystie Lee (@theguthealthnutritionist)

- Mobility, Rehab and Injury Avoidance Seminar by Eli Hackney-Rose (@elijahchico)

The value of everything on offer in this 8 week challenge comes to well over $2000.
Join the Summer Shred Challenge for just
$79 a week (current TAL Members)
$149 a week (non members).

Fill in the form below to claim your spot now. Numbers very limited.

Start date Tuesday 28th October 2019!

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The Active Lifestyle - Albert Eden Business Award Winners 2019

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