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Mt Eden

The biggest satisfaction we get - our clients SMASHING their goals & achieving things they never thought possible.

At The Active Lifestyle, we are the antithesis of a gym. We provide highly tailored, personalised advice, training, mobility and recovery, to help you get to your goals. Every single one of our members is cared for, we know them by name, their injury history, their training goals, and what they find difficult in their lives. This allows us to get deep into their wants, needs, and therefore, empower them to get the most out of themselves, and help them to get the best results possible.

We're proud to say our hard work was recognised as we are Health and Beauty

- Eden Albert 2019 Business Award Winners!

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AlbertEden Business Award Winners The Ac

Check out what some of our wonderful members had to say:

7 jawdat
2 - angela
We ran a 12 Week TRANSFORMATION WITH nZ Gamer Vloggers 
viva la dirt league

They got some pretty awesome results!

rowan viva la dirt league vldl before an

Rowan, Viva La Dirt League

Total change in cms - 22.5

Lost 8cms around waist, 2.5cms around hips, gained 4cms on biceps. His squat went from 85kgs for 3 to 112.5kgs for 3. Chin ups went from 2 in the stress test to 10 in the final test.

alan viva la dirt league vldl before and

Alan, Viva La Dirt League

Total change in cms - 23.5

Lost 6cms around his waist, gained 5cms on his biceps and 4.5cms across his chest. Squat was 80kgs for 2 and went up to 110kgs for 1. Chin ups went from 4 to 10, and from 8 burpees in 60 seconds to 19 overall!

adam viva la dirt league vldl before and

Adam, Viva La Dirt League

Total change in cms - 26

Lost 8cms around waist, gained 5.5cms across chest, and saw a stunning 26cms of total change. Chin ups went from 6 in the stress test to 15 at the end! Bench press from 55kgs for 4 to 72.5kgs for 2.

See how much progress Viva La Dirt League made in just 12 Weeks on the final episode of their Buffed Up Nerds Series where we retested all their exercises and measured their results!
alexis fb comment best personal training

Tan had a semi professional MMA fight coming up that he had to cut weight for. We cut more aggressively than usual because of this but he made weight and got the win!


Dee proved that mums do it best with this awesome transformation. Working hard in every session, she gained muscle and lost body fat - her deadlift reached 85kgs, way more than her bodyweight!


Sam wanted to lose weight for his trip home to India. With a big focus on his nutrition and 2x hard training sessions a week, he certainly did that !


Michelle is a successful career driven woman. Her job requires a lot of international travel and public speaking seminars all over the world, which unfortunately means that her health and fitness often has to take a back seat. Her inspiring dedication, effort and contact meant that she trained even when travelling and when she had no gym to go to!


Her 12 Week Transformation gave her self confidence, strength, and energy and also drew heaps of compliments from friends and colleagues alike.


Jamie is a hard working chef in a busy gastropub. He works more hours than most, so his transformation is even more impressive!


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