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Viva La Dirt League 12 Week Body transformation Challenge

Just over 12 weeks ago, we undertook a challenge we have never faced before. Take 3, deskbound computer nerds and give them envious, cover model beach bodies, with nothing but hard work, careful eating, supplementation and clever training protocols. To crown the 12 weeks, they would be having a photoshoot, just to see how far they'd come.

The results were astounding

Total Body Change in centimetres-

Rowan - 22.5
Adam - 26
Alan - 23.5

Rowan after pictures Viva La Dirt League by
Adam after pictures Viva La Dirt League by
Alan after pictures Viva La Dirt League by

When they first stepped foot in the The Active Lifestyle personal training studio, we ran through the 'Stress Test'; a collection of training tests so that we knew exactly where they were at and what we were working with. We also took some important measurements so that at the end of the transformation, we would be able to quantify their results to share with you.

- ROWAN - Lost 8cms around waist, 2.5cms around hips, gained 4cms on biceps. His squat went from 85kgs for 3 to 112.5kgs for 3. Chin ups went from 2 in the stress test to 10 in the final test.

- ADAM - Lost 8cms around waist, gained 5.5cms across chest, and saw a stunning 26cms of total change. Chin ups went from 6 in the stress test to 15 at the end! Bench press from 55kgs for 4 to 72.5kgs for 2.

- ALAN - Lost 6cms around his waist, gained 5cms on his biceps and 4.5cms across his chest. Squat was 80kgs for 2 and went up to 110kgs for 1. Chin ups went from 4 to 10, and from 8 burpees in 60 seconds to 19 overall!

Want to do it for yourself?

Take advantage of our special offer on online personal training, including a once in a lifetime 36% discount. There's no better way of changing your life, and we help you every step of the way. You'll have your own stress test to complete to know where you are at the start, receive emails to keep you focused and on track, and nutritional support so you know you're doing the right thing. We're also available to help in a private Facebook group and via email and phone to answer any questions or issues you might have.

Do it for yourself - YOU deserve it - you only get ONE body.

The measurements in FULL are all below for your viewing pleasure, followed by the weight lifting and strength training results.

Viva la dirt league measurements
Viva la dirt league Lifting Stats
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