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Hybrid Personal Training


If you are motivated to achieve your goals but require some expertise, guidance and support to get you there, Hybrid Personal Training is for you.

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Rowan - Viva La Dirt League

HOw does it work?

Initial 1 to 1 Personal Training session to:

  • Assess your movement, posture and strength levels

  • Analyse any past injuries or issues you have

  • Teach you perfect form and exercise technique to keep you safe

  • Set goals for the program

  • You then complete a consultation form to get as much as information as we need on you.


From there we write you a specific, bespoke 12 week training program for you to complete in your own time at your own training venue.

  • Training program is written FOR YOU and will be specific to any goals, injuries, or results that you want to achieve.

  • Updated in real time in 4 week blocks based on your performance and progress throughout the program.

  • You will be required to report back on your training sessions and progress so that it can be tailored and maximised for your continued improvement throughout the program.

  • You will be required to video some of your training so we can ensure your form is correct and you are working with the correct technique.

  • Receive continued email support, accountability, reminders, video guides and help with any problems.



Total price for Hybrid Personal Training - $869
(5 1-1 Personal Training Sessions, 12 Week Training Program and Nutritionist backed meal plan).

Hybrid Personal Training recommended Personal Training session schedule:
(NB-personal training sessions after the initial introduction session are 45 minutes).

Week 2 (Check form improvements/changes and any issues you may have)
Week 4 (Track training and results progression, check form improvements and gather information for next program update)
Week 8 (Track training and results progression, check form improvements and gather information for next program update)
Week 12 (Program completion review and retest)

These personal training sessions are 1 to 1 and charged at $95 a session.

If this sounds like something that would suit you,

Click the link and fill out our Hybrid Personal Training Consultation form.

Or fill out our form below and we will get in touch with you

Get started now

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Adam after pictures Viva La Dirt League by
Alan after pictures Viva La Dirt League by

Viva La Dirt League are Auckland's very own world famous gamer comedy sketch creators. They undertook a 12 week Hybrid Personal Training program at The Active Lifestyle to get them ready for a new video series. We are proud of their amazing results!

Adam - Viva La Dirt League

Alan - Viva La Dirt League

Total Body Change in centimetres-

Rowan - 22.5
Adam - 26
Alan - 23.5

- ROWAN - Lost 8cms around waist, 2.5cms around hips, gained 4cms on biceps. His squat went from 85kgs for 3 to 112.5kgs for 3. Chin ups went from 2 in the stress test to 10 in the final test.

- ADAM - Lost 8cms around waist, gained 5.5cms across chest, and saw a stunning 26cms of total change. Chin ups went from 6 in the stress test to 15 at the end! Bench press from 55kgs for 4 to 72.5kgs for 2.

- ALAN - Lost 6cms around his waist, gained 5cms on his biceps and 4.5cms across his chest. Squat was 80kgs for 2 and went up to 110kgs for 1. Chin ups went from 4 to 10, and from 8 burpees in 60 seconds to 19 overall!

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