Feel self conscious about the gym? Looking for a space that not only builds up your strength but also your self-confidence? The Active Lifestyle is the anti-thesis of a gym. We help you become the best version of yourself that you can be, with our completely unique approach to training.

Our 4 Pillars sytem gets you to your goals -

  1. The most efficient, advanced, training program for your specific needs, coached by world class personal trainers.

  2. The right food plan for you and advice on how to prepare, make, and eat, so you never binge or are stuck with what to eat.

  3. Community support, accountability and goal setting to make training fun and ensure you get the results you deserve.

  4. Motivation and personal development coaching to help create lifelong habits and help you grow in ALL areas of your life.

Are you ready to find a new, more fulfilled you? Fill in the form below and let's have a chat.

be the best version of you - 21 day kickstart
Meet our team 

Body Transformation, Strength & Rehab Specialist

Qualified Massage Therapist

Qualified Nutritionist

We provide exceptional quality personal training where every session is coached by a fully qualified world class trainer and everything is personalised to YOU, all from our private training studio in Mt Eden, Auckland.

Qualified Yoga Teacher & Rehab Specialist

The Active Lifestyle, 40 Mount Eden Road, Auckland

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