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SPORTS MASSAGe at The Active Lifestyle



Federico, our expert massage therapist, will use his cominbation of deep tissue massage and excellent knowledge of the body to work over your heavy legs, tight lower back and hips, neck, shoulders and back to leave you feeling better than ever! He is available for massage every Thursday evening from 5pm - 8:30pm (last booking 7:20pm).

Times available - 5pm, 6:10pm, 7:20pm

Message him directly 0275047239

Sessions can be booked for 30, 45 or 60 minutes and you can choose which areas of the body you want to focus on. Massage takes place in complete privacy upstairs at The Active Lifestyle Personal Training Studio in Mt Eden, Auckland. Opposite Mt Eden Train Station and there is car parking on site.

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you deserve it!

Mt Eden


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Our location

40 Mount Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

Parking available onsite

Some Key Points about Massage

1) Massage and Injury Prevention

The last couple of decades has seen massage therapy go from a spa massage and relaxation rubdown, with all sorts of connotations, to a highly specialised, sports performance and specific rehabilitative practice. Oxford University research foudn that amssage is beneficial in reducing individuals experience of pain, and also to improve mood, health and quality of life. It also helps loosen tight muscles and knots thereby preventing future injury. Massage is good for you! It's a great way to care about yourself - in both body and mind, and improve your life accordingly.

2) Massage for Intense Training Routines

Massage is a building block of a healthy, and active lifestyle. Taking care of your muscles is imperative, and most people get injured due to their hard workout regimes when training hard at the gym. Your muscles tend to get stiff and tight, and painful! As with everything at The Active Lifestyle, we are trying to promote things that will help you and improve your body and quality of life, long term! Stretching, yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques are all important, as is massage, a definitive treat for your body. A study from McMaster University,
Ontario, Canada, showed that massage reduced muscle inflammation, and massaged muscle cells were better able to make new mitochondria - thereby promoting faster recovery from exercise. This means better recovery, increased endurance, and a better result for you, overall.

3) 5 Thumbs Up for Sports Massage

1.    Increases blood flow throughout the body, bringing vital oxygen and nutrients and removing waste product. It's like a good meal after a really hard workout, but for your muscles.
2.    Relieves muscle pain and tension. It's like the weekend break, just for your muscles.
3.    Improves muscle flexibility, which reduces and prevents injury. It's like meditation, but for your muscles.
4.    Improves your mood. Massage makes you feel like you are caring about yourself. Self-love baby!
5.    Improves your recovery after training sessions, increasing your endurance levels and works at a cellular level. It's like a good chat with your best friend after a stressful event.

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